Published on 04/24/2018 7:27 am
How to clean clogged or blocked Epson Printer

Epson uses a permanent and fixed print-head that is reachable and difficult to  reach. This type of print-head allows Epson to use high-quality print-head which depends on the inclusion of separate ink tanks to feed /supply the ink in the head. Ink tanks are generally cheap to manufacture and supply, supply a new print-head with other manufacturers like HP, Lexmark,Canon and many other ink tanks. In other words, when you change the tanks, you change the head "But" cartridges are often more expensive.


For those who are afraid of the printer warranty loss, they will often stick to the original Epson cartridge, although others will have to use the compatible cartridge happily or refill themselves. Epson "allude" an din some cases actually claim that compatible, refilled and re manufactured cartridges remain low in quality resulting in poor performance and yield. Epson also claims that they can and can harm your printer in extreme cases. This is not true in our experience, both the original cartridges will experience the blocked nozzle at any point during the life cycle of the printer.

 So why do nozzles clog?


The cartridge is simply an ink tank designed to transport the liquid to the print head. While we acknowledge that there is a copper chip in front of each tank that the printer realizes that a cartridge has been fitted, it does not affect the flow of the liquid in the tank. If your head is blocked or air is trapped, then it is not a cartridge which causes this issue!


The barrier, banding, print interval, unconscious color and "blank sheets of paper can be produced" at any time. However, in most cases it will follow a cartridge change or if the printer remains inactive for a long time. If you use your printer every day and whenever a new cartridge is installed, the chances of maintaining the head are less. After inserting a new cartridge, I will clean a simple head on my Epson R360 on regular basis. It's now 6 years old and is working like a new one!


So what is happening?


Many people will ignore less ink reminder and will run their printers until the  black ink is over or color print is of poor quality. When this happens, it is clear that ink has been used, the tank is empty and"nozzles" are now full of air. Copper chip can only guess the level of ink because nothing in the tank does not indicate the correct level. In many cases the printer simply "calculates" how many pages have been printed and then it will be assumed that the tank is empty. Sometimes it can be wrong and the tank is just printing fresh air.


To "clean" the air trap / barrier your Epson printer will need to prioritize the new ink tank added to the machine. The idea of pulling and sucking enough ink to effectively remove any stranded air through pipes,tubes and print-heads Sadly, this "priming" can sometimes leave excessive and residual ink on the internal pad. Wipers which are specifically designed to clean waste ink droplets from the head, then blur the ink in the entire width of the print-head, in return some or all of the tubes are dried and blocked. In other words, the excess head is often equal to the more ink in the print-head and the more blocked nozzle.  For more information call us @ 0808-101-3524 (Toll-Free)






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