Published on 04/21/2018 12:34 pm
How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x10?

Epson printer error code 0x10 is basically associated with the scanner of the machine. You will get this error is your scanner unit got jammed or is having any internal hardware fault. To fix this error, first you should try restarting your printing machine, if that doesn’t work then try the solution given here.Method

1: There might be something obstructing the scanner area.

To check it, lift the lid over the glass and inspect it for any foreign object. If there is any then remove it carefully.Method

2: You can try to reset your printer by following the steps given here:

• Unplug your printer and wait for few minutes.

• Then press and hold the power button for almost a minute.

• While you keep holding the power button, plug printer power back.

Now you can try taking out a printout from your printer machine, if the problem still persists and you get the same error then there is only one way out. You should call a techie at Epson Printer Toll-Free Number UK @ 0808-101-3524 (Toll-Free) and consult with him. They will surely offer you some solution for this issue.

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