Published on 05/23/2018 10:01 am
Do cleaning Epson Printer Print heads is a tough task

Any print heads plays the main role in giving out quality to your printouts. If your print heads are dirty, they will be like an obstruction in your print quality. As they are used for transferring the ink to the printing sheet, this is possible that you see dried ink clogging the print heads that make appear light or dark bands across your printouts. Therefore, it becomes important to clean the print heads so that the clogs get clear out and you get proper ink flow.

Now the question comes, why cleaning the print heads is considered tough task? Not actually, when done incorrectly, it is the toughest tasks to be done. Follow the below instructions for cleaning the Epson Printer print heads efficiently.

  • Turn your printer on and see if any print job is pending. When you see the ink light on, it is important to replace the cartridge.

  • Add the sufficient amount of paper in the paper tray.

  • And then Start and proceed to Devices and Printers option to view a list of all installed printers and then double-click on your Epson device. Now, double-click Adjust Print Options and then select the Maintenance tab for clicking Head Cleaning.

  • There after, you have to click Start or next when you are prompted to.

  • And then, wait for the cleaning process for completing the process. You can turn off the printer during the cleaning process. Upon completion, you can see that the blinking light stops blinking.
  • Now, you need to click on the Print Nozzle Check Pattern option and then click Print.

  • After that, check on the Nozzle Check pattern sheet that has printed instantly. And the click finish.

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