Published on 05/29/2018 11:17 am
Epson Printer Scanner is not recognized By System

Epson All-in-One printer can perform different tasks for its users. It can not only perform printing but can also scan copy and fax your document. But at times, Epson printer scanner is not recognized by the system. When such a thing happens, please check the following thins before we move to actual solution.

• Check your scanner’s AC adaptor; it should be securely connected to the scanner and the wall outlet.

• The interface cable should also be securely connected with your scanner and the computer.

• Make sure that the cable is not damaged or crippled.

• Only use the cable that came along with the scanner.

• See to it that your scanner is directly connected to the computer’s port or through only one hub.

• Your computer should meet the requirement for the scanner.

• Make sure that your computer supports the USB.

Once you are done you can perform the given steps:

• Open your system Control panel and then click on System icon.

• Then go to hardware tab and click on Device Manager Button.

• Ten double-click on Universal Series Bus controllers.

• If you can see USB Universal Host controller and USB Root hub in the list then Windows support USB.

Try scanning again and in case the problem persists then contact us at Epson Printer Phone Number UK @ 0808-101-3524 (Toll-Free).

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